>Smart Bottoms Diaper Party!

>Words cannot express how excited I am to be hosting  a Smart Bottoms party this Saturday, April 2nd at 1pm! Christy  will be here to give all of us an up close and personal tour of cloth diapering and the Smart Bottoms line of products! I will have a few friends over and we will also be broadcasting the party live on their site! (link below) So if you are anything like me, and LOVE all things fluff, join us for a great demonstration! I bet you will learn something new! I have attended a few of these parties virtually now and I learn something new every time! Plus Smart Bottoms is gracious enough to offer giveaways during the party in the ustream chat room! I cannot wait to see these diapers in person. Then i’ll just have to make the decision of which colors I want! If you have any questions, just comment below. I hope to see you all saturday at 1PM!

Smart Bottoms Live Party Link


>Fluffy mail!!!

>Yesterday I got 7 new diapers in the mail!!! and today I got 4 more! 🙂 I am one happy girl! I have one more on the way too… Here is yesterdays batch:

The three on the left, the BG and the OS FB was from allaboutbabyboutique.com. Prescilla had a promo a few weeks ago that if you spent $35 you got a free diaper of her choice! How awesome is that?!?! I was SO excited to see that she send me an additional OS FB in orange! What a great deal!   Then the other 3 are from http://www.nubunz.com and are sweetdollbaby brand. I actually really like them! I prolly wont use them as pockets, just as one time use covers if they get damp/dirty. I bought seconds which i cant find a problem on, and they were $2 each! I bought 2 without inserts and then one with inserts which was $4. lol So $6 plus $8 shipping. lol I wasnt sure if Id like them so I didnt order alot. They washed real nice and look almost identical to BG other than the closure being hook and loop and not snaps. The only potential issue I could find is the elastic doesnt seem to be a strong as whats in the legs of BG and other brands. So maybe it will go bad faster? For the price I had to try them, though. And if need be, I can replace the elastic.

Today I got my order from sweetbabybottomsboutique.com   I got a Grovia Owls cover and 3 Kawaii pockets.   Grovia is one of my favorites right now. And the Kawaii diapers are great too. I actually use them as pockets. They are great overnight with my Thirsties Hemp doubler inside.

I also ordered from Amazon a Trend Labs diaper and another Grovia cover. The Grovia is still on the way. The Trend Labs diaper came yesterday and is awesome!!!! I haven’t taken pics yet though. Its OTB right now.  Its a cover, not a pocket, and its lined on the inside so no PUL is exposed. It comes with a snap in liner but its microfiber on both sides so it would need a fleece liner so it doesn’t irritate the skin. I really like it though. here is the link on amazon:
Trend Labs Diaper

I have some exciting news also that I will write more about in the next day or so. But it involves Smart Bottoms diapers! If any of you have been looking for a new diaper to try out… stay tuned!

I cant wait to get everything washed so I can take a a new stash picture!!!


>My little stash

>So a few days ago I decided to take my first ever ‘stash’ picture of what we have so far. Since we are still relatively new to cloth diapering, I dont have as much as some do. But we have enough to do cloth full time and wash every other day. I am slowly expanding our stash though and plan to do some online shopping next week. So here is what I have thus far:

 Front to back: 1: Thirsties Duo cover, Bummis Super Lite, 2 Grovia AI2 shells 2: Kawaii Pocket, FuzziBunz OS Pocket,  Grovia AI2 Shell  3: All Econobums
Back: Thirsties Hemp Doublers, Microfiber inserts, Flip inserts, Econobum prefolds Front: Homemade cloth wipes, Sweetbottoms Baby fleece liners, and Grovia AI2 inserts.   

In the first picture, each diaper was already stuffed so it was ready to use. The inserts in the second picture are just the extra inserts that I have.

I did receive one diaper after this picture was taken from a very sweet friend of mine who was kind enough to help my build my stash by giving me a Goodmama diaper! Here is a pic on my little dude in Flight Plan.

 I will admit, Cloth Diapering is or can be an addiction. You feel the need to buy more. Even though you have ‘enough’ already. I mean, part of the idea of switching to cloth was to save money, right? I need to keep telling myself that so that when friday comes and I have some extra money I dont feel the need to spurge on fluff.

>A great resource for any parent

>I recently came across a business page on Facebook for My Precious Kid. They sell a variety of things including cloth diapers and child safety gear. Kay is the owner and also has a blog on a variety of topics. One of them is why to cloth diaper. She points out a number of reasons why cloth is not only better for you and your baby, but better for the environment.

Here are the top 10 reasons, polled by her facebook fans,  to cloth diaper.
(taken with permission from her blog)

1. To save money– Did you know you can save more than $2000 over 2 yrs of disposible diaper use?
2. To help the environment – It can take 500 yrs for one disposible diaper to completely decompose.
3.  Less trash – which can cut your garbage bill
4.  Earlier Potty Training – Many cloth diaper kids kids train before age 2
5.  Cute Factor – adorable prints and fabrics
6.  Unexplained diaper rash – using cotton and other natural fabrics cured it
7.  Reusable – most diapers have a 2-kid use factor
8.  Adjustable One Size – no need to buy many sizes per child
9.  Chemical Allergies – cotton, bamboo, and hemp instead of paper and chemicals
10. Easier on baby’s skin – natural fabrics and green cleaners are easier on baby sensitive skin

I admit that the main reason I cloth diaper is because of the overall cost and the cuteness factor. But a very close second is because its just a better choice for the environment. My husband thought that I would switch back to sposies in a week. Just because it was more ‘work.’ The first week was a little awkward. But once I got into a flow of it all, its easy as pie. Im SO glad we made the choice to switch to cloth.

So, if any of you are in the market for a new diaper, or are considering switching to cloth you need to check out her website. She really does have a great selection of products. Everything from diapers, to carseats, to cabinet locks. You can also find her on facebook.

My Precious Kid Store
My Precious Kid on Facebook
Her Blog article on Cloth Diapers

>Happy Bum = Happy Baby

>Today I traveled north to just about the only brick and mortar cloth diaper store in my area, Happy Baby Company. They have cloth diaper orientations just about every weekend. So, since I am pretty new to CD’ing I decided to attend and try to learn something new. Adam and Lilli are the owners and are great people. They were both very helpful giving the packed room advice on how to start your own CD adventure. I, like many others, have spent hours online looking at diapers and learning everything I can about them. But I did in fact learn something new! I had no idea that the FuzziBunz one size pockets have adjustable elastic in the legs. Its like the elastic to make kids pants adjustable for the waist, but its in the legs. They even give you an extra set for the eventual wear out. So I am pretty excited to get that one washed up and fitted to my little dude. Alex, by the way, was a HUGE flirt today. He was doing his little cheesy smile and flirting with both of the women on either side of me! He totally cracks me up. The store was absolutely adorable with its displays, nursing/play room and changing area. It was very family friendly, which made my 2 hour visit very enjoyable. Plus, the cookies were AWESOME! So I am slowly expanding my stash of cloth diapers. Although its very difficult not to go crazy and just order a bunch from HBC. (They ship free!!) And just for attending today I got 10% of my order and another 10% off coupon to come back and use again! I know for sure I will be back at the end of April for The Great Cloth Diaper Change! If you haven’t registered yet, check out their website for a location near you! You can even sign up to host your own event to add cloth diapers to the Guinness Book of World Records!

Happy Baby Company

Great Cloth Diaper Change