>The Great Cloth Diaper Change

>This weekend was the Great Cloth Diaper Change worldwide. When I first heard about the event, I didnt really think too much of it. Other than an excuse to drive the hour to the only cloth diaper brick and mortar store in my area. So I signed us up and made arrangements for my older son to stay with friends for a few hours while Alex and I attended. As the day grew closer, I got more and more excited. Not only was I going to meet a lot of like-minded people from right here in the Pittsburgh area, but we were also bringing a lot of awareness to the general public of what an impact cloth diapering can make. Setting the world record was just a bonus.  I even tried to email newspapers and the news stations and no one really seemed interested in covering the event. There were too many other negative stories to cover I guess. But those of us who attended, either in Pittsburgh or at any other location, know that we were a part of something big. Even if the masses don’t see it that way. I even got cold chills as we were counting down the seconds until it was time. The official count was 60 babies changed at our location. And last check was just under 5,000 babies changed at once on the Great Cloth Diaper Change’s website. It was truly a great experience and I hope to attend next year, providing my little man isn’t too big. Here are a few pictures of the event:

Here is a link to the picture album from Happy Baby Company where the GCDC was held:
Great Cloth Diaper Change pictures
Official Site for The Great Cloth Diaper Change


>What a week!


Last weekend was my Smart Bottoms party, and this weekend was our youngest boy’s First Birthday Party! I don’t think I have stopped in 2 weeks! Today went great! We had many of our friends and family over to celebrate Alex’s big day with us. We got to meet a new baby boy, too! It was nice having a few little ones in the house again. I made up a slide show on the desktop of about 120 pictures of Alex from birth until now that I had looped on the screensaver for everyone to look at. Its so hard to believe that he is a year old already! Where has the time gone? Then again, its hard to believe that Ej is 3 1/2. The weather actually cooperated today too! It was almost 80 degrees! We actually turned on the air conditioning! With all the people in the house, and the oven on, it got hot in here really fast. The kids ended up playing out on the porch though to enjoy the warmth. It was all around a really nice day. Alex was totally exhausted by the time we got to opening his gifts. Once we were done and he laid his head on my shoulder, he was out! It has been a long day. So its bedtime for all.

Still pumped for the Great Cloth Diaper Change coming up soon!

>Smart Bottoms party success!

>It was so nice to meet Christy and Jeff in person today! It was pretty exciting to have them come here to do one of their awesome parties. I hope many of you were able to view the party online. Despite the boys being a little crazy, I think the party went quite well! I cannot wait to get my Smart Bottoms in! I am getting 2 of the covers. The are great! I just love how they are lined so the the PUL on the inside is not exposed. We have all covers/inserts and a few pockets so I was really excited to try them before I saw them first hand. Now I am REALLY excited! Their wipes are wonderfully soft too! Those are going in the wash ASAP! I also got some great tips on laundering my CD’s. If you missed the fun today, hopefully the party will be able to be viewed on their site later tonight at the live party link. They have previous parties available to watch on the right side. If anyone would like to order anything and give credit to my party you will need Christy’s distributor ID: CM1001 and my party ID: Jscavincky  If you have any questions about their party or their products, just let me know and if I cant answer it, I will pass it on to Christy and Jeff.

Shop Smart Bottoms
Live Party Link

>Alex is officially a walker!

>Yesterday was a pretty big day around here! Not only was it my birthday, but Alex took his first real steps! He has been taking one here and there for the past few weeks But yesterday he was sitting on the bottom step, stood up, and took about 6 steps towards Daddy! I was SO happy that DH was home to see it. Ej didnt take those first real steps until a week after his birthday. Alex will be a year on April 12th! So I am also busy getting things together for his party next weekend. I just thought I’d share the best birthday present a mommy could get. Here is a little video too: