>Facebooks recent changes

>With facebook recently making changes to its policies, if I have any kind of giveaway or contest it will have to be held here on the blog. Entries and announcements of winners will have to be here as well. I can let you know about the giveaway from facebook, but it has to done here. So… please make sure you ‘like’ the new facebook page here. I plan on doing a few little contests here in the next few weeks. So keep an eye out for new blog posts and new updates on the facebook page!


>The store is now open!!!

>If you are interested in Cloth Wipes, Reusable Snack bags (made with food safe nylon) or PaciPals, then check out my website!

I will also be making mama cloth and mama cloth wetbags here very soon! If anyone here on my blog is interested in being a tester, which will get you a 40% off coupon code with free shipping, please either comment here or you can email me at Jill@CrunchyCreations.com

Check us out on facebook too!!!