Great Mail day!

I love getting awesome mail. lol I knew my Vistaprint things were supposed to come today, but I wasnt sure when my replacement glasses would get here. AND I got a free sample of fish food and a coupon for a free Suave product!

If you wear glasses, you know how expensive they can be. Especially without insurance. Well we are lucky to have insurance but it only covers glasses every 2 years. If I would break them in between, I need to pay out of pocket for a new pair. Coastal Contacts has been running this promotion for a while now, in fact they are running it today. You give them all of your prescription information and pick a pair of glasses, the cheaper ones, not the crazy expensive ones, and they are FREE! Just pay shipping! My shipping was $12. My hubbys was $16 and we were able to put it on our FSA! When mine first came they were missing a nose piece and screw. So I called they said they would send out a new pair. They emailed me a label, I printed it and put it on the box they came in and they were sent back. We are both VERY happy with these glassed. I am actually wearing mine now. 🙂 Here is what I got.

And here is my old pair on top, new pair on bottom. Very similar. I didnt want to get anything crazy for fear that I wouldnt like them when I got them. But I LOVE them!

On their facebook page they tell you when they will have the promo again so you can take advantage of it. Its for the first 10,000 people who use the code. It usually takes a few hours for it to expire so you dont necessarily have to be ‘locked and loaded’ right at the starting time. Just be prepared with your eye prescription and pic a few pairs of frames in case the one you want sells out. Here is the link to their FB page.

SECOND awesome mail pictures…. Vistaprint! I purchased the Living Social deal a few weeks ago for $10 and got $50 towards the site. But you cant combine that with other shipping offers. If I wanted free shipping I had to spend $25 ABOVE the $50, so $75. If I had just spent the $50, the shipping was like $20 anyways, so I might as well have got more product and then free shipping, right? They have a lot of free items which are great. I have ordered their address labels before and really liked the quality. And with me starting this little home business, I needed some swag. Here is what I got:

One banner, I think its 1.5×3 feet? Doesnt come with the gromets in the corners which I knew. I can do that here.

Lots of business cards… free ones for me and hubby, and then I paid for the ones on the left.

I got 2 canvas bags

Postcards, an envelope stamp, pen and post-it notes- ALL free

And address labels. Both for home and for the business.

I also got a bumper sticker, but didnt take a picture. It was free too. 🙂

Total cost was the initial $10, and then $27, so $37. I think thats ok. I would have loved it to be cheaper, but I can deal with it. I am just happy that they came in time for the 2 events that I will be selling at this weekend and next.

What do you think?


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