My Coupon Binder

If you have read my previous posts, then you know that I coupon. I am not as heavy into it as the people you might have seen on Extreme Couponing on TV, but I do pretty well. I can go to the grocery store and get about $100 worth of groceries for about $30. I call that a good day. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Like when my husband springs on me that he needs food to take to work for a potluck and he already told them he would bring X and I don’t have any at home. I typically don’t order coupons from anywhere. But I have ordered full inserts and coupons from a clipping service when the deals were just too good and I wanted to stock up. I get my coupons from family and friends who don’t use them, or after they have already been picked over. I don’t cut out EVERY coupon, only ones that I ‘might’ feebly use. Example, I wont cut dog food coupons or disposable diaper coupons because we don’t have a dog, and we cloth diaper. 🙂

I found this binder at Walmart a few weeks ago and it was in my price range. I have been on the hunt for a zippering binder but I refuse to pay $25 for one. This one was $10. And I think it works great. At least for my needs.

This is the inside of the front. It has space for pens/scissors and a business card, which I also put in a card with my phone number in it. ( I DID lose my coupon binder once before I got this big one and was seriously lost. lol I called the store and thankfully someone turned it in)

Then it also has this little zippered section that has a pouch for a cell phone or iPod. It even has a hole from the front that you can feed your ear buds through to listen to it with the iPod concealed.

When you open it up it has one three-ring binder on the right side and on the left is a file folder section that I have my store coupon policies in just in case I would ever need them.

Here are the sections I have at the moment. I might buy another set of the 8 dividers and then separate them a little more. But for now this works well for me. I have them laid out in the order of where things are in my local grocery store. Of course Produce is first and the meat/cheese counter but I rarely have coupons for that so I didn’t make a section. Next in the store is health and beauty… etc.

Random picture of a page of coupons in the baseball card holders. I think I paid $3.50 or something close to that at walmart for them. And I have a lot extra. But then again, I don’t keep a lot in stock in the binder. They go in, they will be getting used soon.

Here is a picture of a large coupon that I was able to fit in the space of 2 baseball cards.

Those little plastic seams are just heat pressed, so they come off pretty easily.

Just grab the seam and push your finger down the seam and it should separate easily.

Dont mind the blurry pictures.

And here is an internet printable that takes up the whole row. But at least you don’t have to go buy any more sleeves that are more expensive than the baseball card ones. If you have any questions, let me know. Id be happy to answer them.


Do you coupon? Do you have a binder you would like to share?


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